Plaza de España Madrid – A Simple Guide

La Plaza de España Madrid is one of Madrid’s busiest squares and it is situated at the Western end of one of Madrid’s most famous and busiest streets, La Gran Via.

Plaza de España MadridIn the summer months, the square is a very popular attraction and many people come to La Plaza de España simply to chill out and soak up the glorious Spanish sun. As well as the many locals that frequent the square, you will find lots of tourists and also many street traders that come to the square to sell their wares. There is always something going off in and around the square and it it certainly a hive of attactivity.

Although the square is located at the end of one of the busiest streets in Madrid and on the intersection of the busy roads, amazingly, it offers a very tranquil atmosphere.  Set in greenery, the square has a large fountain with pool and statues honouring one of Spain’s most famous writers Cervantes. Cervantes was most famous for writing “Don Quixote” and his statue in the squares overlooks the characters of “Don Quixote” and Don Quixote’s squire “Sancho Panza”.

History Of La Plaza de España Madrid

Dating back to the 18th Century, the square was originally part of Principe Pío hill and was also home to Military barracks (Cuartel de la Montaña). On 03 May 1808, many of the rebels that fought the Napoleonic invaders on 02 May 1808, were executed in the square. These executions were later documented in a famous painting by the painter Francisco de Goya.

The barracks were later demolished to make way for the Parque del Oeste and also the many large skyscraper buildings such as  “Edificio de España” and “Torre de Madrid” that now provide a unique backdrop La Plaza de España Madrid.

Metro Station Close To La Plaza de España Madrid

There is a Metro station “Plaza de España” on the corner of the square and the line numbers that service the station are 3 and 10. You can also connect to the number line 2 from this station.

La Plaza de España Madrid is a perfect place to pass the time and also take in the wonderful culture of Madrid.