Weather in Madrid:

The weather in Madrid can go from one extreme to the other from summer to winter.  Although the weather in Madrid is mostly dry, this does not mean that it never rains in Madrid because it does and the temperatures can drop from 30 °C in the summer, to 9 °C in the winter and even below freezing during the night in winter months.

The most pleasant months can be from May – July when the temperatures are warm, fluctuating between 20-30°C .

Mid July and throughout August can get extremely hot and the temperatures can soar to 40 °C

September through to the end of October is once again a pleasant climate in Madrid and usually has temperatures of between 20°C – 25°C

The winter months of November, December & January, can see temperatures drop to around 9°C in madrid and then around February/March time, begin to become warmer again.

Winter: December – March  9°C – 16°C or 48°F – 62°F

Spring: March – May  16°C – 20°C or 62°F – 70°F

Summer: June – August 25°C – 40°C  or 80°F – 110°F

Autumn: September – November 25°C – 12°C  or  80°F – 54°F

The Current Weather In Madrid Today & Weather Forecast For Madrid