Madrid Metro Guide

The Madrid Metro is a cheap, safe and practical way of getting to and from the city from

Barajas airport

As well as getting around the city itself, it is also a very efficient way of traveling from one tourist attraction to another in the city.
Please Note: There is now an additional 1€ charge on tickets to and from the airport.
The Metro in Madrid is the third largest underground network in Europe and the sixth largest underground system in the world.

Opening Times For The Madrid Metro:

The Metro is open from 06.00am – 02.00am every day.

The Madrid Metro Tickets And Prices

Madrid Metro

The Metro has 12 seperate lines that run throughout the city with many different zones. You will need to buy a ticket for the zones in which you will be traveling. The prices for traveling on the Metro vary, according to which zones you travel but if you intend using the Metro regularly over your stay in Madrid, it is worth taking a look at the various ticket options that are available, as it will save you money and alot of hassle having to constantly buy your ticket.
There are currently five different types of tickets on the Metro (at the time of writing) they are: Metro Combinado – MetroMadrid  – MetroSur  – TFM – Abono Touristico.
You can buy your ticket from one of the many ticket machines in the Metro stations. Simply press the language on the display that you would like and then follow the options to buy your ticket. If you know that you will be using the Metro several times throughout your stay, it is probablt wiser to buy one of the tickets that provides you with unlimited travel rather than keep buying single tickets.

Prebook Your Ticket For The Metro In Advance

An alternative option for purchasing your ticket, is to buy the ‘Madrid Tourist Travel Pass’ in advance.  This will allow you unlimited travel on public transport throughout Madrid for as long as the dates on your card are valid.
To take a look at the ticket prices for the Metro, simply follow the link provided:
Madrid Metro Tickets and Prices
Tourist Transport Season Ticket:

Metro Map Madrid

To plan your your or simply take a look at a Map of the Madrid Metro, please click on the link below.  You will be able to view a map of the Madrid Metro in either a flash version or plain text.

Madrid Metro Map PDF Format