Madrid Airport Arrivals And Procedures

Once your aircraft lands at Madrid Barajas Airport, it will taxi into the parking bay to which it has been allocated.  You will be required to wait on the aircraft until the Ground staff at Barajas airport have securely attached the stairway or walkway to the aircraft. Once these have been attached and it is safe for you to disembark the aircraft, you will be allowed to begin disembarking the aircraft. You will then need to make your way to the main airport arrivals terminal and there will be the airline staff and Ground staff at the airport to guide the way. If you require assistance with making your way from the aircraft to the main airport terminal building, it is advisable to contact your airline or the airport prior to your travel date to ensure they can arrange for a member of staff to meet you off the aircraft and assist with your transfer.

Depending on which country you are flying in from and also which airline you are flying with, will determine which Terminal your flight is allocated.

As with any other major International airport, there are certain procedures in place at Madrid Barajas airport, that passengers must undertake before being allowed entry into Spain.

Security And Passport Control At Madrid Airport Arrivals

Upon arrival at the main Madrid airport Arrivals terminal, passengers will be required to present a valid passport and any other documentation that is required for your entry into Spain. It is advisable to ensure you have all the required and correct documentation in place before you travel as this will eliminate any problems when you arrive at the airport.

Baggage Reclaim Area At Madrid Airport Arrivals

Once you have successfully cleared Passport Control and Security, you can then make your way to the Baggage Reclaim area. The Baggage Reclaim area is where you can collect any hold luggage that you have checked-in for your flight. Inside the Baggage Reclaim area, you will find several carousels and each flight arrival is allocated a carousel. Located above these carousels are overhead monitors and each one of these monitors display the flight numbers to which each carousel is processing. Simply look on one of the monitors to find out which carousel is processing your flight and then make your way to the appropriate carousel and wait your luggage.

This process is generally quite quick bus as you can appreciate, Barajas airport is one of Europe’s busiest airports and at peak times, is very busy. During these peak times and the sheer volume of flight arrivals at Madrid airport, the process can take a little longer.

There are toilets available in the Baggage Reclaim area should you wish to pay a visit or simply freshen up after your flight or before your onward journey.

Obviously, if you are travelling light and only have hand luggage on your person, you can bypass this procedure and make your way straight the Exit that will lead you into the main Arrivals area ‘Land Side’.

Once you have successfully reclaimed your luggage, you can then make your way to the exit and into the Arrivals area. The Arrivals area is where you will be greeted if you are being collected from the airport by friends or family. The main Arrivals area is also where you will be greeted if you have pre-booked in advance airport transfers to and from Madrid Barajas airport and also if you are travelling on a package deal where transfers are included. If you have pre-booked your transfer in advance or have transfers included with your travel package, your representative will meet you in the Arrivals area and guide you to your designated transport. It is always a good idea to confirm prior to your travel where you will be met by your representative, simply to avoid any confusion.

Car Hire Companies Inside Madrid Airport Arrivals

There are several car hire companies that are located inside the Arrivals terminal and if you have pre-booked your car hire in advance (always recommended), then you will need to make your way to the appropriate car rental company desk. You will need to present all the required documents such as driving licence, booking form and voucher (if applicable) in order to complete your car rental. You will then be allocated your car and issued with the keys. The staff at the desk will then give you directions to where your car is parked.

Outside the main Arrivals terminal at Madrid Barajas Airport are several options of transport for passengers to choose from with regards to airport transfers. If you are unsure as to which form of transport will be the best suited for you, simply ask a member of staff at one of the Information desks that are located in the airport terminals and they will happily advise you of what is available and which one would suit you.

There are a number of options such a Taxi, Public bus and trains and each one of these varies in price. Obviously, it is your decision as to which one you choose but there are plenty of choices to suit all budgets.

Left Luggage Lockers At Madrid Airport

There are facilities available at Barajas airport that allow passengers to leave luggage at the airport. These luggage lockers are available at Terminals 1, 2 & 4 and can be hired on a daily basis. There are also lockers that are specifically designed for larger items such as bikes and surf boards.

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